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People were fighting in the clubs and pubs since they were created.
After some time they realized that they can have better organization so they created Club Fightin Championship (CFC).
CFC created ranking system and tournament tiers with World Championship being the ultimate competition to win.
Tournaments in Gold, Silver and Bronze series bring less money,
but helps the fighters to stay on the top of the rankings and gain experience for World Championship.

BETA starting soon!!!

We are getting game ready for BETA version... More info soon!

Fightin Game - Online Game beta

March 2015.

Fightin Game is online browser game where you have a chance to create your own fighter and train him to become the best fighter in the World by being number One on rankings and wining World Championship. You can also create your club and fight for Clubs World Championship with your friends. Everything is set, are you ready to lead your fighter to the top?